October 17, 2020

10 kitchen organization tips

How to keep your kitchen organized
10 kitchen organization tips

Every Indian kitchen has some common characteristics. Unorganized sections, plentiful of random containers, same masalas kept in different bottles, opened and unsealed sachets, and whatnot. Kitchen organization is a very important aspect of a healthy lifestyle and a happy home. But we tend to always keep it at the least priority and ignore it due to our hectic daily office/home routine.

Here are a few simple tips to quickly get your kitchen organized

1. Be disciplined

By mentioning this we mean to say that we should keep a monthly calendar wherein kitchen cleaning and organization should be given a dedicated time/day slot for checking the various nooks and corners. By doing so we will have multiple beneöts. First, the kitchen will get automatically sorted. We will remember where what is kept. We will come to know what has gotten over or going to get over so that we can add it to our re-stock list. And the most important, hygiene will be maintained as the nooks and corners will get cleaned on a regular basis.

2. Try not to use every plastic containers and bottle which somehow end up at our homes along with some snacks, coffee, etc in them. We usually tend to keep the empty box/bottle after the ingredients in it get over and try to re-use it for our masalas etc. The point to understand here is these containers are not food grade and of good quality so should not be used. Secondly, it actually tends to clutter the kitchen more rather than organizing it. And lastly, we tend to forget what is kept in it as they are all of the different shapes, sizes, and colors. So it is again a task to search for the right ingredient in the time of need in the time of need.

3. Use transparent/translucent containers of the same/proportionate sizes and label them each. This not only makes your job in the kitchen easier but also enhances the beauty of the kitchen space as everything looks well-kept and organized.

4. Dedicate different sections to different types of utensils and cutlery. The best way to do this is by using customizable size kitchen baskets. The best time to choose this is when you are moving to a new house or relocating. There are a variety of stainless steel kitchen baskets available in the market as per the consumer’s need. Use different sections for different types of utensils such as big deep baskets for bigger utensils such as cookers, pots, etc. And knife slots (built-in) for keeping knife set and other culinary organized. You can önd many such options online and order as per your kitchen needs. Check this link for such baskets


5. Keep everything in your reach – Store the things as per your habit and comfort at the place where you can remember and önd it easily to avoid the struggle of last-minute searches.
6. Divide the kitchen space into sub-sections for keeping the –
• Electronic appliances
• Kitchen cleaners, scrubs, towels, tissue paper, aluminum foil, etc
• Crockery
• Cereals
• Masalas
• Oils
• And other utilities

As per your choice and convenience.

7. Dedicate a section where the washed utensils can be kept for drying.
Usually, Indian kitchens do not have such a place and eventually, utensils end up landing either directly into the cabinets leading to rusted panels or get cluttered on the kitchen slabs to be placed later on into the shelves. You can find many such options online and order as per your kitchen needs. Check this link for such racks

8. Keep the kitchen work station clutter-free

This looks like the most difficult task for any person working in the kitchen. Also, it can be one of the major reasons contributing to the haywire look of a kitchen. After finishing the cooking process, the kitchen slabs should be cleaned and made clutter-free. Also, a minimum number of things should be kept on the working counter and everything should be shifted to the racks. This ensures hassle-free cooking and also adds up to a beautiful looking kitchen.

9. Don’t forget the kitchen ‘Genies’
Be it a ‘Lighter’, a ‘Whistleblower’ of a pressure cooker, a ‘Bottle opener’ or a ‘Pair of scissors’. These form a very small yet important part of the daily kitchen accessories and need a special place in the kitchen storage. As when needed they tend to magically disappear and once found can get our most difficult of the tasks done in minutes.

10. Last but not least
Daily hygiene should be maintained in the kitchen and there should be separate bins dedicated to the dry and wet kitchen waste and should be emptied regularly.

‘’A healthy household starts with a healthy kitchen and leads to a healthy family’’
‘’Swasth Raho Mast Raho’’

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