April 3, 2021

How to keep your kitchen clean during & post Covid19 era / Kitchen cleaning hacks in 2021

Understanding the difference between cleaning & disinfecting

Mere cleaning the surfaces to remove dirt and debris is not enough in current times. Proper disinfection is an essential step in the cleaning process. Cleaning agents like Soap water and vinegar can be used to clean the hard surfaces. Along with this, some disinfectan tshould also be used to make sure the surfaces are 100percent germ free (Novel Corona Virus and other viruses free).

Which disinfectants are safe to use in the kitchen

  • Disinfectingwipes,suchasthatofLysol
  • Disinfectantsprays,suchasCloroxorLysol
    Isopropylalcohol-should be used carefully and away from inframmable substances, burning  gas stoves.
  • Hydrogenperoxide
  • Bleachsolution

Washing hands on a regular basis

This is a very important habit which most of us know by now but very few of us follow. We should bring this habit in to our routine. Also, teachourkids. Most of the infections/germs can be easily kept away by following this simple practice of washing hands on a regular basis with soap and water. 

Focus on high contamination areas

Such as kitchen slab counters,kitchensink,door-knobs,gascylindertop,gasstove,etc.These areas are touched by us and other visitors in the house regularly hence should be kept cleaned.

Regular cleaning of other utilities

Handtowels,waterbottles,Microwaveandotherhand-held equipments, gadgets, dishrags,sponges, scrubbers, refrigerator, foodprocessors, blenders,etc. All these should be cleaned properly from time to time to maintain the standard level of hygiene in the kitchen space.

Eateries bought from the market

Bakery products, vegetables and fruits etc. All these items should be disinfected before putting them in to the refrigerator or placing them on the kitchen counter. The best way to do so is to use disinfectant wipes for wiping the packets and using vegetable cleansing solutions for washing the vegetable sand fruits. There are a variety of vegetable cleaning solutions available in the market nowadays.

Cleaning the kitchen trolley sand baskets from time to time

The kitchen trolley sand baskets where we store our utensils, vegetables and other products should not beneglected. These should also be cleaned from time to time to maintain a clean and hygiene kitchen environment

Keep a sanitizer at the doorstep

Last but  not the least, keep a sanitizer at the doorstep of your home and make it a mandate for anyone entering the house to sanitize their hands and the small belongings such as keychain etc. before entering your house. This is the best way to stop any infection from spreading as soon as and if at all it enters your door.

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